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We are covering Northolt, Hayes, Uxbridge, Ruislip, Ickenham, Eastcote, Pinner, Harrow, Northwood, Perivale, Hanwell, Ealing, Park Royal, Acton, White City,  Osterley, Isleworth, Syon, Twickenham, Brentford, Chiswick, Kew, Richmond, Teddington & Central London

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Gauci.IT Ltd is an expert in computer and laptop repair, hardware and software upgrades, virus removal, Internet and Wi-Fi problems, networking, memory upgrades, data recovery, and more.
Get in touch with our computer experts today for your specific needs.

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Have a problem with your computer? We diagnose, advise and repair when possible. Any Brand, Any Problem.


Like us, your devices work best after a checkup. Over time, they inevitably get slower and many devices get changed before their time is really up. We offer health checks to help keep your devices in tip-top shape. Whether it be your PC, Mac, smart TV, or Wi-Fi, for example, we can ensure they are the best version of themselves.

In our experience, depending on its purpose, a good device can last over 7 years. We can provide guidance on how to prolong the life of your device and where necessary advise on upgrading when the device is at the end of its practical life. 


We provide servicing options, to keep you and your technology running, be it on Windows or Mac!


Viruses are becoming smarter by the day and the rate at which they are being made is only increasing. Think you have a virus? We know many ways to remove viruses from your devices and help protect you from new threats. Unfortunately due to the nature of viruses and threats, we can never guarantee you a virus-free life on your devices, (no one can, and if they do, then they are lying) however we can promise to give you among the best protection for your circumstances to you and your family, and give you helpful tips and advice on sussing out phishing, ransomware, fake IT phone calls and dodgy links to help steer you from harms way.


Malware, or malicious software, is any program or file that is harmful to a computer user or organisation.


Spyware is a type of malware that gathers data about a person without their consent, which could be used for hacking purposes.

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Enabling your workforce with top-notch technologies isn’t just important, but imperative for business success. This customizable solution allows your team to work seamlessly and collaboratively in a protected space. No matter what IT services you need, Gauci.It Ltd will be there to support you every step of the way.

We can help find you a truly set-it-and-forget-it backup solution configured to your needs. Whether it be archiving important data to the cloud to save space, or keeping safe your precious, priceless photos and videos in case your drive goes bang, we will find the right tool for you.


Have you just bought a new pc or Mac but now need help with unboxing? Perhaps you have bought it to replace your old PC and want the files transferred, or need help with connecting to the old printer.  Would you then like to give your old PC a lease of new life, or dispose of it safely, so your precious data cannot be reused? We can help with all of that and more. Our engineers all come from commercial backgrounds and have performed literally thousands of PC setups, so rest assured, you are in safe hands, and we will have your pc setup in no time.

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If you need advice or help with setting up your new home broadband, then we are here to help. We can help with a range of common and uncommon issues such as initial setup, connecting your devices, extending the range of the Wi-Fi, configuring the firewall, setting up a network drive, adding a guest network, and more. If you have a physical problem with your broadband not working and have been scare-mongered into high call-out charges from your ISP, we can help ensure everything is resolved smoothly, liaising with the ISP on your behalf.

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"This efficient company has provided excellent service to our business and personal computer requirements. Their knowledge base and flair have proved a powerful tool for achieving maximum use of our IT network. We no longer get bogged down with IT service issues."


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If you're having any problem with your computer, give our computer experts a call on 07931 999307. 

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